Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ck, Puifunn, Chun Khong and I.

Plan to go to visit each other's house to get angpao from ea other's parents. hahha.
So they started coming to my house 1st.

I belanja them eat cupcakes and gave them angpao that my mum left. My mum went out to watch red clif with the rest of my family members so.. thats why..

then we went CK's house~ Her dad gave us angpao also..

then we all used the money to gamble there and I won 3 bucks~ happy me~!

The house we dint go to is Pui funn's. But nvm. We went to Chun Khong house and played some kind of other mahjong.. like continuing cards one.. haha got angpao also.

but FOO CHUN FAI, chun khong brother, is diff than expected =D

we nearly finished Chun Khong food haha.. Pai seh lor~

----------------------------------------After that-------------------------

we went to eat buffet at , Telephone Restaurant.. hehe

this place once again reminds me of my old friends.. they celebrated birthday with me here before..

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