Friday, January 9, 2009

Another outing with bored nicholas

Well nicholas is bored.. So we went out again!
+ celebrate his belated birthday,first time celebrate his birthday though.

We took taxi . Sit at the back also need to wear safety belt.
Memang kacau!!

First we went to Pizza Hut!
The 2 person set only has a regular pizza, and we complaint not enough!
So we ordered the 4 person set, that has a plate of breadstick,
a jar of pepsi, 4 mushroom soups! and 2 regular pizza.

We ate til damn full la.. But we talked a lot.
About studies, friends and his Monkey Face Cousin!

After lunch... A MOVIE OF COURSE!

We watched, IP MAN!

I enjoyed it from my head to TOE, or from TOE to head.
It's a must watch, I must say..

After that is POOL TIME!
Nicholas:" Euson, if you win me, I will buy you ice-cream. "
Euson:" Nicholas, why do you always bet to lose? BRING IT ON !!!"

At last, guess what, we played 3 rounds and I won all 3 rounds.
Sad case for you, Nicholas Master

That's the end of the day.

Oh yah, before that, I bought him a birthday present, Fifa 2009.
Don't really know if it's fun, but he and Chen Ghee likes the same game. Haha..
HE LIKES IT ALOT! and that MAKES ME HAPPY ! Weeezz!!!

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