Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An outing with Nicholas Leng

Today I went out with Nicholas Leng Hui,

knew him since form 2 , first friend that I have ever known since
I first transfer to my high school.
Went to Sunway Pyramid ,
so I went to my college to collect
results and timetable for the next semester.

Took my result !

Design 2 - B
Drawing 2 - C+
Comp App - A
History of Art- B+

It's fine I guess, then I bring him walking around my college
The One Academy !

Then we went McD
Then bowling, I lost badly, so better not mention.. =(
Then a movie, THE SPIRIT

and it sucks, boring and lame, and kinda random!

The Spirit falls into some water place,as he was crawling up,

they suddenly show a weird mini dinosour on the beach side,

what the heck?

Then , we went home after that ,

anyway, its been a while since I last sat on a bus.

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