Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Morning of December 31st 2008

Count down day - Morning!
Today is Dec 31st , 2008. OF course go count down la.
So in the morning, I went out with 2 classmates, CK and PuiFunn,
we went to watch Bedtime story, well not bad, I enjoyed it.
After the Movie.. What to do ?? what to do??
Pui funn wanted to eat chicken buffet for lunch, well we were in Sunway Pyramid
So the location of that restaurant is right beside Nandos, in LG2.

Well, The restaurant is not bad, I paid 22.90 for the buffet.

They include Chickens, Pasta, Cheese sause, Mash Potatoes, Rices, Drinks, Salad, Coselaw and so much more!
It's quite nice!

Then we were playing with frames.

and thats when we met CK's son, and his husband, u guys know who la..

Models , promoting for Chicken buffet Restaurant.

Then we went Giant, bought marsh mallows, then we went toasting it at my house.

Yummy like heaven!

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