Thursday, May 13, 2010

An outing with coursemates

Both LRT stations' car park was full.
Therefore, plan to go Petaling Street canceled.

We went One Utama instead.
Went for karaoke session in New Way, but salad buffet don't have cream soup.
Worst moment of the day.

Then we went Shopping Shopping.
not me though.

Then we watched a horror movie,
Nightmare on Elm's Street.
Not bad la, if you guys like horror movie can go watch.

Then, we end up a stall name dunno what [Q] box.
and there it is, Casey Si Khei.
as usual

Wonderful dinner.
Very high class english ladies talking over meal.
Casey : " This fish is very nice. "
Pui Funn gave her fish a slow stare.
Funn : " Indeed. "

And I got a tattoo in One Utama.
The process was painful.
Euson Chew this thing will stuck with your life forever.

artistic version

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